ChrisTV PVR brings improved features and support for ATI Theater 550 PRO and Hauppauge PVR TV Cards.

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ChrisTV PVR support for ATI THEATER 550 PRO Cards

We are glad to bring you ChrisTV PVR Professional and Standard version 5.65 with full support for the ATI Theater 550 PRO TV Cards.

Theater 550 PRO product is for the home PC user who craves a superior home theater experience on their computer. ATI's THEATER 550 PRO brings tomorrow's high-end home theater technology to today's desktop and notebook PCs. The THEATER 550 PRO brings stunning visual detail and impact through its many advanced video processing features, including a 3D comb filter.
The THEATER 550 PRO combines all the features of a TV tuning PVR card into a single chip complete with high-end THEATER quality. Products featuring THEATER 550 PRO are created by add-in card makers, including Gigabyte Technology, Info-Tek Corp., Micro-Star International, Sapphire Technology Limited, Tul Corporation and YUAN High-Tech Development.

ChrisTV comes with advanced features and settings available for the ATI Theater 550 PRO TV Cards :
  • Live Preview Mode. Using this mode you will have low CPU usage and you can use deinterlace filter and ffdshow filter to improve image quality (in this mode you don't need MPEG2 decoders).
  • TimeShift feature using the TV card MPEG Hardware Encoder (available only under WinXP with SP1 or higher).

  • ChrisTV has a fast and easy to use MPEG2 recording module as common users want. Also it offers access to all recording settings for professional users :
    • fast recording presets,
    • constant/variable video bitrate,
    • average and peak video bitrate,

    • frame size,
    • audio bitrate,
    • audio samplerate,
    • MPEG2 GOP format and size,
    • and more...
  • Video processing features, including a 3D comb filter.
  • Advanced automatic channel scan engine.
  • Create recording profiles (only with Professional version).
  • Advanced scheduler settings.
In order to get the best results :
  • You can find a Step by Step Settings Guide for ChrisTV on our forum.
  • Make sure you have the latest WHQL drivers for your TV card from the manufacturer website: ATI Technologies Inc.