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Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list with most frequently asked questions regarding ChrisTV PVR software product:

1. What is ChrisTV PVR ?
2. Why was ChrisTV created ?
3. Which are the software/hardware requirements for ChrisTV PVR in order to run smoothly ?
4. What drivers does ChrisTV PVR support ?
5. I have a TV Card. Will ChrisTV PVR work for me ?
6. What are the restrictions/limitations of the shareware version during the FREE trial period ?
7. The Image Quality is not so good. Are there some tweaks to make it better ?
8. I have no image, the screen is black. What should I do ?
9. The image is great, but there is no sound at all. What should I do ?
10. How can I make my TV Card remote work with ChrisTV PVR ?
11. I have run ChrisTV and when i try to autoscan or change the channel frequency it returns the following error message "Access violation at adress 653854BB in module Read of adress 00000000". What's wrong ?
12. I have launched ChrisTV and it returns the following error message "The operation cannot be performed because the pins are not connected. ($80040209)". What's wrong ?
13. I receive Windows Fatal Errors when I try to launch ChrisTV or ChrisTV doesn't load (nothing happens) when I launch it. How can I make it work corectly ?
14. I want to use the recording features in ChrisTV PVR, what CODECs should I use ?
15. I have as Video Capture Source a Graphic Card with Video Input (VIVO) or a Combo Card (Graphic Card and TV Card) and I get a black image or "The operation cannot be performed because the pins are not connected. ($80040209)" message. What's wrong ? How can i make ChrisTV PVR work correctly ?
16. I have a TV Card with radio FM Support and I want to add a FM Radio Station. How can I do that ?
17. I want to set the input of the tv tuner to Composite/S-Video input. How can I do that ?
18. What are the best settings for recording with ChrisTV PVR ?
19. How can I backup my channels and settings of ChrisTV PVR ?
20. When I run ChrisTV PVR it returns some error messages. What do I have to do ?
21. I have some suggestions for improving ChrisTV PVR features. What do I have to do ?

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